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Dominique Aubert, ex-major reporter at the Sygma Press Agency, then Captain on a Boeing 777, joined his wife Frédérique, ex advertising agent, in the Company SpeedBird Productions & Consulting, in order to promote and exploit in an original way a collection negatives and photographs which have been acquired with their associated rights, with the aim of being exploited in the form of fine art prints always in limited and numbered editions.

Only rare, unique and elegant photos are shown, presented in renowned European Vintage Salons, and exclusively in private exhibitions. The themes on display reflect the 40s, 50s, 60s, legendary car and motorcycle races, aviation, the conquest of space, pin-ups, music, New York and its architecture, but also a fantastic collection of originals found in California showing Steve McQueen driving his first Porsche 356 Speedster in June 1959.

We offer you a collection of exclusive photos, from original negatives, in a vintage, rich and varied spirit.


The originality and strength of these photos are the result of a meeting and a common desire to promote the Aregentic heritage in an original way.

Dominique Aubert

Our photos are unusual and for the most part unpublished, covering an era when taking a photo was a work of framing, of complicity all in a spirit of freedom

Frédérique Aubert
John Lennon

New York City will commemorate in November 2020, the 40th anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon.
SpeedBird offers you a series of several contact sheets in Black & White, made by the American photographer Allan Tannenbaum, who was lucky enough to meet the famous Beatle a few weeks before his tragic death.
The talent of Allan Tannenbaum made it possible to immortalize these magnificent sessions of photographs representing John Lennon & Yoko Ono at the end of November 1980.
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the origin

For the creation of SpeedBird, Frédérique naturally turned to her little sister Fabienne for her recognized talent as a graphic designer, she created this magnificent logo with an elegant bird's wing. Since then, Fabienne has left us... We want to pay tribute to her and say thank you.

Frédérique Aubert created SpeedBird, to promote and exploit, several photographic collections : One collection called « planches contact » and another collection called « Photos Vintage » acquired for years and which represents tremendously the vintage spirit which is today a true "art de vivre".

After a career as a photographer reporter followed by a career as an airline pilot on a Boeing 777, I made the decision to join my wife's company in order to participate in its development. During my childhood I never stopped watching everything that sailed and crossed the sky. This fascination, mixed with aviation and photography, then spread to racing motorcycles and vintage cars. Since then, these passions have never left me!